Currently based in Seattle, acoustic artist PK Dwyer is known for his distinctive songwriting and bluesy, rootsy folk music. With a musical resume spanning over five decades, Dwyer has shared his talents with the world in many forms, from busking to national tours and many, many things in between. Most recently, Dywer has released an album titled Music To Dance To, a project that has been very aptly described as “vintage folk“.

Defined by bright yet nuanced acoustic guitar parts, vocals that walk the line between classically folk and classically blues, and a clear penchant for storytelling, Music To Dance To is a work that feels authentic to its core. In a world of autotune and synthesizers, this honest, raw style of songwriting and performing is a breath of fresh air. It’s relatable, artistic, and above all, real.

While the production may be acoustic and simple in general, each track manages to develop its own flavor within these bounds. I Married Well is a standout, leaning heavily in the blues direction, amplifying the satisfying rasp in Dwyer’s voice and giving him a brilliant platform in which to show off his cutting harmonica riffs. Also notable is Dwyer’s use of the autoharp, an unusual and under-utilized instrument that adds a decidedly retro and jangly flair to the tracks it appears on. 

For fans of something a little more unassuming, off the beaten path, and free-spirited, PK Dwyer‘s latest release is very likely to resonate with you. Music To Dance To is a wonderfully endearing mix of bluesy, folky sounds, tied together by straightforward instrumentation that allows the songwriting to sit center stage of this eclectic, spirited work.

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