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Dwyer & Beck Singles

PK Dwyer & Donna Beck  1975 
Pioneer Square  Seattle, Washington
photographer unknown

  1. 1 The Apology 03:20 Info
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  2. 2 That You So Richly Deserve 03:50 Info
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  3. 3 Rice Bowl Cafe 04:54 Info
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  4. 4 Carmella part 1 [original studio recording 1978] 04:30 Info
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  5. 5 & If It's Alright 05:56 Info
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  6. 6 Dandy Annie 04:19 Info
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  7. 7 Drawbridge 05:14 Info
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Cool as Folk

The songs Dandy Annie and Drawbridge are vintage folk tunes from the PK Dwyer song catalog written and recorded 1975 - 76 in Seattle, Washington.  Both songs feature stellar vocals and harmony by PK Dwyer and Donna Beck.  Dandy Annie is backed by a slew of eclectic Pacific Northwest musicians of the era and was a minor radio hit upon release in 1976.  Drawbridge is notably backed by the critically acclaimed Kidd Afrika.

45 cover photo by Bill Tourigny

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KRAB-FM Seattle Music Archive:
Music of Seattle's Taverns
April 6, 1976

PK Dwyer's 2016 Blues Release

Released June 1, 2016
Busker Do is a twenty-one minute acoustic powerhouse  featuring ten original blues, folk, and roots tunes written and performed by PK Dwyer.  The album was recorded in live single takes and sparely mixed at Garey Shelton Productions [Mercer Island, Washington] in November 2015 and March 2016.  The end result is a neat little concept album and an illuminating glimpse inside the Buskers Life and into the recent mindset of PK Dwyer.  PK's harmonica honks, hoots and trills.  The flat picking and finger picking guitar work is very fine.  This album is not slick [although the angry Get Along Well does sport a reverb effect].  It is raw and rollicking.  The recordings one song featuring slide guitar - Highway 99 - is an ode to the local road much traveled upon and a commentary on PK Dwyer's daily life.

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Album cover art:  Etchings by Ethan Lind.  Etchings are of PK Dwyer busking performances at Seattle Pike Place Market.

PK Dwyer's Blues Odyssey: 2000 - 2016

Follow PK Dwyer and his musical journey through the Blues . . .  

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Seattle's Best Rock

1979 saw the rapid rise - and 1980 the demise - of PK Dwyer's influential and ground breaking proto-punk quintet The Jitters.  It was all over within 14 months but at the time The Jitters were the critics darling and epitomized the Pacific Northwest rock style and sound.  The Jitters self-titled vinyl album was released on Nervine Records in 1980 to high local critical acclaim.  In 1999 the album was remixed, remastered and released on compact disc as The Jitters / After All it IS 1980! by Michael Lord and Pitch & Groove Rekords.

Review of The Jitters Lp on Sounds Good / April 2017
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The Jitters: [left to right]  Dave Hutchison bass  the incomparable & electrified PK Dwyer  
Rick Tassin drums  Pete Pendras guitar  Donna Beck

Dwyer & Beck Go Electric and Breakout

Timeless Classic Rock from the Pacific Northwest

Recorded Live! at The Fabulous Rainbow Tavern in 1978
[Seattle, Washington]
© written by PK Dwyer

The Breakout features PK Dwyer and Donna Beck in full-on Rock Star mode and a spectacular backing band of Pacific Northwest Musical Luminaries.  This gritty boogie-woogie number will knock your socks off your ass!  Listen now . . .   We defy you not to dance.

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Review of The Breakout on Sister Dorothy's Music blog / December 2017

★PK Dwyer [guitar & vocal]
★Donna Beck [vocal]

Pete Pendras [guitar]
Al Kaatz [guitar]
John Seaburg [bass]
Easy Eddie King [piano]
Max Paul Schwennsen [saxophone]
? Unknown [saxophone]
Marty Vadalabene [drums]
Annie Rose De Armas [vocal]
Pam Phillips [vocal]

Producer: Ron Bailey
digital single release September 2017
converted from original @ Garey Shelton Productions 2016
© & ℗ PK Dwyer / ASCAP / King Pin Head Music

The Pioneer Squares & The Tacoma Molls

Five song EP from the creative mind of PK Dwyer
Recorded Live! at The Fabulous Rainbow Tavern in 1978  
[Seattle, Washington] 
© all songs written by PK Dwyer

In the late 1970s PK Dwyer was infamous for his drunken stage antics and attitude and a little bit famous for his original songwriting and dynamic live performance.  In real time we can now congratulate PK Dwyer on over 35 years of sobriety and appreciate the hot, musical mess that he was in 1978 through this superb audio time capsule.  

The songs are all stand outs and the amazing musicianship of the band bring these quintessential Seattle songs to life.  The King Pin Head Music crew favorites are the totally rockin' Millionaires Club, the plaintive acoustic number Pioneer Square Jim and the incomparable original version of Healed One More Time.  Download the EP today and own a slice of Seattle Music History for $1.99! Available as full 5 song EP only.
click the album artwork to listen and / or download
Contains Explicit Language and overtones some might find offensive

Producer: Ron Bailey
digital EP release November 2017
converted from the original at Garey Shelton Productions 2016
© & ℗ PK Dwyer / ASCAP / King Pin Head Music