PK Dwyer and Donna Beck shine on this Seattle Music Time Capsule from 1976.

Music of Seattle's Taverns - KRAB April 6, 1976 - recorded March 22, 1976

PK Dwyer and Donna Beck: Barbara Bush, and Ron W Bailey , some of Seattle's best pass-the-hat tavern musicians, bring you solos, duos, trios and quartets, from a a LIVE-at-KRAB pub-jam session on March 22, 1976.

Produced and introduced by Judith Hadley / Recording courtesy Jack Straw Foundation, M0218

Listen Now: KRAB Music Archive

PK and Donna start off the night and are at their best performing spare versions of their unique and original folk songs:

1] You Did Not Walk Out On Me, You Merely Beat Me to The Door  
2] A Little Good Luck  
3] Drawbridge  
4] The Welfare Song  
5] Carmella

Songs written by PK Dwyer
Performed by PK Dwyer and Donna Beck

KRAB-FM 107.7 Seattle, Washington 1962 - 1984

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