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PK Dwyer FUN-d Drive!

O.K. Everybody!  Gather up your Pennies, Dollars, Good Cheer and Best Wishes . . . Why?  The FUN-d Drive for the New PK Dwyer Blues Cd is Happening Now!

Here's the scoop on PK's Recording Project . . . the amount of Funding Needed and Where the $$$ goes.

The Big News: Team Dwyer and King Pin Head Music plan to unveil a New PK Dwyer Blues album in February 2016.  Yay! 

The Reality: Team Dwyer and King Pin Head Music is really just a 2 person & one dog operation.  We're going to need some Contributions and Goodwill to pull this off so we are calling on All Fans o' PK and Lovers of Music & Art everywhere to help us make it happen!

Our Overall FUN-d Raising Goal is$2,500! . . . Now while this is an enormous amount of $Money for Team Dwyer, as far as Recording Projects go, it's a very modest sum.  The $2,500 would cover Recording - Mastering - Manufacturing through Oasis Cd - Cover Art help from Oasis Design Works - 2 Limited Edition Stickers

Recording Time @ Garey Shelton Productions: PK and Garey work very well together - they have it down!  $1,000 should cover Both Recording and Mastering.  Wow!

Manufacturing: King Pin Head Music uses a budget package with Oasis Cd Manufacturing - cost: only $850!  We'll also be utilizing Oasis Design Works - cost: $280.

Promo Materials: 2 different Limited Edition Medium Sized Rectangle Stickers in conjunction with the Cd release - cost: $150.

Please Join In & Take Part! Here are some different ways YOU can Support PK Dwyer and his Mighty Fine Music.  Even some that won't cost you a cent!    

1. Participate in some REAL Crowd Funding!  Here's what you do:  Pick one of PK Dwyer's upcoming scheduled Farmers Markets in your area [or find him at the Pike Place Market] . . . Gather your Friends, Neighbors, all the Young Kids who love to dance, maybe even a few Folks you don't know from down the street . . . Hey, look at that, you've formed a crowd!  Now make sure everyone has a little change in their pocket . . .
Converge on PK! . . . Listen, Laugh, Dance, Applaud, and Throw some $$ in the Ol' Tip Hat.  Now that is some REAL Crowd Funding and the most FUN way to contribute!

2. Donate Electronically using the PayPal button below.  Please consider donating a Little . . .  or a Lot if you can!  No donation is too small - the little bits add up fast and We Appreciate it All!  Donations of $30 or more will automatically receive an advance copy of the New Cd and a Limited Edition Sticker! [while sticker supplies last]


3. Support PK without spending a dime! Sign up for the PK Dwyer Newsletter and Share . . . encourage your buddies to do the same! Take a Free Music Download . . . Spread the News using good old-fashioned WOM . . . Share something Cool from this Website . . . Give PK some words of Encouragement - it's Easy to make Contact and everyone likes to hear Good on Ya! 

Update and more FUN ways to participate posted early November.  Stay Tuned!

FUN-d Raiser officially ends on December 31, 2015 - Midnight Pacific Time. Any monies raised over $2,500 will go to tour support and/or promo materials.

Thank You for supporting PK Dwyer and The Arts!

News & Notes

King Pin Head Music presents:  
Get Some for Free! 

We are proud and happy to be offering Free PK Dwyer Music downloads . . . 

The crew here at King Pin Head Music have been celebrating PK Dwyer's influential and groundbreaking band The Jitters [Seattle 1979 - 1980] now being available on bandcamp! The Celebrating The Jitters campaign is officially over but . . .  We are not done Rockin' Out! 

By Popular Demand we are featuring Three more Free Jitters downloads . . . available for a short time only.  Don't delay . . . download today! 
1. You Say You Want Me But You Won't Do Anything About It . . . This song Rocks.  And it Rolls.  We defy you to listen to this song and not dance your ass off!

2. Joe Hadlock's boogie-woogie piano sets The Great Love Affair on Fire.  Damn!  If you are up on your Jitters Trivia and Pacific Northwest Music History you'll recognize the name Joe Hadlock!  Joe was not only a guest musician at The Jitters recording session, he is also the founder of the legendary Bear Creek Recording Studio.  Bear Creek Studio was converted from a 19th century dairy barn and established in 1977.  The Jitters self titled LP was recorded at Bear Creek October 15 - 25, 1979.  Neat-o!

3. The Most Fun Jitters song to sing along to is . . . Anorexic Love of course . . .  Are You In Love with The Jitters?  We are.

The Jitters Trivia Contest is over and we have a Winner!

Limited Edition Super Cool Jitters Stickers! . . .  Only a few left to be had . . . click here to find out how to get yourself one.  Yeehaw! 

Tell all your Friends . . . Share & Recommend!  Check back here on the Home Page or sign up for the e-mail list to be notified when new songs are posted.  We're in the process of digging through the archives and will be featuring vintage, obscure, and unreleased PK Dwyer musical gems.  Stay Tuned!

Our Genius King Pin Head Logo was designed by Carson Michaels / Looking Glass Graphics - Seattle, Washington

Waiting List & Current Selection 

It's true!  The Fabulous Buskers Rule Stickers are currently out-of-stock and there's a Waiting List of Folks anticipating the new batch coming in early 2016.  If you'd like to get dibs on one just drop us a line here at King Pin Head Music: 
We'll send you one wherever you are!  And they are Free!
Here is our Current Selection of Awesome Free Stickers . . . Find PK and get one today!  PK Dwyer will be out Busking his Cosmic American Blues in spite of the Wind and Rain at our local B-Town Trader Joe's.  Stop by for a Shopping Trip - some Yummy Noodles from Khan's Mongolian Grill next door - and of course, PK's Mighty Fine Blues!  You'll find all this goodness happening at Historic Burien Five Corners: 1st Avenue South & 156th - Burien, Washington  [Friday, November 13]

The Party's Over & We Have A Winner! 

Hi-Ho Jitters Fans!  Our Celebrating The Jitters campaign has come to a close but by popular demand King Pin Head Music is offering Three more Free Jitters Music downloads!  Available for a short time only: ♥ You Say You Want Me But You Won't Do Anything About It The Great Love Affair  and ♥ Anorexic Love  ♥  To Those Who Help Us Rock . . . We Salute You! xox

We sifted through the entries and there was No Correct Answer to the Jitters Trivia Contest Question: The original 1980 vinyl release of The Jitters album was self-titled . . .  Why was the 1999 Cd reissue title changed to After All It IS 1980! ?  The crew at KPH Music held a random drawing and The Fabulous Jitters Prize Package is being awarded to brand new Jitters fan - B. Howard!  Ms. Howard indicated she is stunned and amazed to be our Winner and can't wait to receive the package of goodies in the mail!

What is the Answer?  Well, it's as simple as it is complicated!  Remember the hint? . . . the key is in the Art work . . .  Through a comical and evolutionary process Art Chantry & I [Carol Dwyer] are responsible for this change.  When the Amazing Mr Chantry was revamping the art work for the Cd Reissue he was working with a Beautiful Pink Promotional Poster that came with the purchase of the original album.  The poster had the proclamation After All It IS 1980! on it because the album was released at the New Year and PK simply thought it was a great idea.  Apparently, Art thought that was the title of the album - and I did too!  Blissfully unaware, I registered the Cd Reissue with ASCAP under the title After All It IS 1980! and made it official.  If you look at the image from the Cd casing below you can see the title on the spine . . .PK & I met shortly after the release of The Jitters Cd Reissue . . . I wasn't familiar with The Jitters but immediately Fell in Love with the music upon first listen.  PK thinks the mixes on the original vinyl are So Bad that the LP has been something of a forbidden item in our household - we do have a few sealed copies here at KPH Music but I've never heard the vinyl album myself . . . I always did wonder why Grant Alden referred to the album as Self Titled but figured that was a mistake on his part.  I dug out one of the LP's when I started doing research for the Jitters Fun Facts and Trivia Contest and had an Oh! moment.  Upon further examination I noticed a few other things that aren't as they should be:  ♥ Track # 3 on the Cd has the song title goofed - it should be: Don't You Remember That You Are The One That Burned Down The Bridges That I Built Over Rivers Of Tears That I Cried Over You  ♥  Bass player Dave Hutchison's name is spelled correctly on The LP version but wrong on the Cd credits.  ♥  Guest piano player Joe Hadlock had his last name misspelled as Hadloc on both the LP and Cd version.  ♥  PK believes Mark Michaelson should have a design/artwork credit on the LP version . . .  Mark is credited along with Art on the Cd.

♥  I asked PK if he didn't proofread the artwork for the Cd Reissue before it went to press.  He says he did but was just so darned stoked on how much better the Remixes sounded that he didn't notice any of those things . . .  And that, my friends, is a classic PK Dwyer moment!  The Music is what matters most.

♥ I did try to acquire one of The Jitters promotional posters to include in the Prize Package but was not successful.  If anyone out there has one they can bear to part with - please contact us or send a scanned image to:

♥ Does anyone know who took the awesome photograph used on the back cover of the Cd version?  Maybe illustrious Seattle photog Jo David . . . ?  If you know, please let us know!

♥  It is true that the song Alms was dropped for the Cd Reissue but fret not all you Hardcore Jitters Fans . . . word on the street is that there will be Alms for us All this Christmas!

★  Public Notice to Vintage Masters Inc.  You Do Not have performance or any copyrights to The Jitters material or any songs by PK Dwyer.  Cease and Desist Now!

2 Market Attractions 

Have you heard the news? . . . The Pike Place Market Gum Wall is getting a major scrub down!  For the first time in twenty years the infamous Gum Wall will be scraped completely clean and Seattle-ites & Tourists alike will have a fresh slate on which to stick their Juicy Fruit and Bazooka.  Hooray!  The big clean up starts Tuesday, November 10th so get yourself down to the Market in the next few days if you want to see the Fabulous Gum Wall as it stands now.  You'll find PK Dwyer busking his Cosmic American Blues at the Pike Place Market 5 - 6 days a week this Fall and Winter! . . . You'll most often find PK busking his bluesy heart out in front of Starbucks or The Pear Deli & Shoppe . . . Have you tipped a Busker today . . . ?
image courtesy Cristina Arrigoni

Jitters! Jitters! Jitters! 

Last Call Everybody! . . . The Celebrating The Jitters campaign is winding down.  October 31 is the last day to enter the Jitters Trivia Contest and the Limited Edition Stickers are going fast!  Here are some Jitters Fun Facts - a Trivia Contest Question Hint - and commentary from some True Jitters Fans . . .
Jitters Fun Facts

1.  In 1980 The Jitters played a show in Victoria, BC.  Band members and management agreed that no weed would travel across the Canadian border with the band but that sound technician Bruce Buckner would take the Greyhound separately and bring some along . . .  Unbeknownst to The Jitters, Bruce stuffed the bands mic-stands full of Hashish and the band innocently crossed the border as drug mules!

2.  Snippets of The Jitters tune Your Dyin' Day were used on some early episodes of MTV's television show Made [episode #606 Mary Cheerleader and #607 Joan Wake Boarder]

3. The Jitters were the headlining band at Seattle's first Hemp Fest in 1979.
4.  One of The Jitters earliest gigs was a benefit for the launch of the legendary Rocket newspaper.

5.  The Jitters first live performance was at the University District Street Fair in May 1979 and the bands last gig was at The Buffalo Tavern in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood in October of 1980.  The Jitters final performance was a benefit concert to raise monies for PK's move to Europe.

6.  You can check out a copy of the The Jitters self-titled vinyl LP from the King County Library System.

Trivia Contest Question Hint . . . The key is in the Art work . . .
Jitters Fans Comment

One of my favorites songs is "Don't You Remember That You Are The One That Burned Down The Bridges That I Built Over Rivers Of Tears That I Cried Over You."  First of all, it must be the greatest title possible for a game of charades. Alas, the sad reason it's a great charades title is because not enough people are familiar with The Jitters.  At first blush, it's hard to imagine a song having such a title, but just seeing it in print immediately triggers the chorus in my mind. And that brings a smile to my face. - Dean Kahn

The Jitters LP is a Classic! - Bob Newman

Carol Dwyer, PK Dwyer, and Ronnie Keenan all agree:
Don't You Remember That You Are The One That Burned Down The Bridges That I Built Over Rivers of Tears That I Cried Over You is the Best Song Title in The World!

I have been turning some of my old chums onto The Jitters CD I bought from you last year....It's still fresh sounding and hard not to tap your feet....good stuff.... - Randy Eide

Carol Dwyer goes on . . .  Um, has anyone noticed what an Awesome rock drummer Rick Tassin is?  Wow!  The songs would not be as good without him . . .
You Say You Want Me But You Won't Do Anything About It is the perfect song for Free Form Rock Dancing! . . .
If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life it would definitely be The Jitters / After All It IS 1980! . . . 
It would be a serious, personal dream-come-true to have Courtney Love cover Don't You Remember That You Are The One That Burned Down The Bridges I Built Over Rivers of Tears That I Cried Over You - it would be sooo Awesome! . . . Yeah!

Sixteen Tunes for Sixty-Nine Cents 

Previously unreleased PK Dwyer acoustic blues track Sixteen Tunes - from the Rough Shod recording sessions [May 2011] - available now as a single track exclusively  on bandcamp 

PK Dwyer will be in the recording studio @ Garey Shelton Productions on November 3rd and 4th laying down tracks for a New Album of Raucous and Foot Stompin' Cosmic American  Blues!  King Pin Head Music will release the New PK Dwyer Cd in February 2016.  Stay Tuned!

Throw Back Thursday 

PK Dwyer busking his Sidewalk Hipster Blues at Alki Beach - Seattle, Washington [ May 2012 ]  Thank you dogboss for archiving this performance of the tune Not Worried Anymore

Did You Know . . . ?  King Pin Head Music will be releasing a New PK Dwyer Blues Cd in February 2016.  Yeehaw!

Special Event October 19! 

Hey Everybody!  Come on down to South Park and have yourself a time!  Friendly Faces Everywhere on Monday October 19th @ Lowercase Brewing in Seattle's South Park neighborhood . . .  8103 8th Avenue South  [5:00 - 8:00 pm]

What's it all about?  The Humble Folks at Lower Case Brewing, Timber City Ginger Beer, and Kiss My Grits are presenting an evening of Kegged Cocktails & Low Country Boil along with some Mighty Fine Blues from PK Dwyer starting at 6:00 pm . . .  All the makings of a perfect Autumn night out and a rare chance to catch PK's Blues indoors.  Be There!

PK Dwyer is performing by invitation of Timber City Ginger Beer  Hooray!  Go Spicy!  If you dig PK and his Music please show him some Love and Tip him Hearty!

Jitters Trivia Contest 

Yeah!  It's Rocktober and time for The Jitters Trivia Contest!  Come on everybody!  Get out your thinking-cap and put it on.
Ready!  Set!  Listen!  Go!

Question:  The original 1980 vinyl release of The Jitters album was self-titled . . .  Why was the 1999 Cd reissue title changed to After All It IS 1980! ?  Do You Know ?  Can You Guess . . . ? 
Email Your Answer: kingpinheadmusic 

receives a Fabulous Jitters Prize Package! 
Prize Package includes: one classic image Jitters T-shirt iron-on - one limited edition Jitters Sticker - one copy of  The Jitters Cd reissue After All It IS 1980! - one copy of the original self-titled vinyl release The Jitters.  Wow! Winner has the choice of receiving the Cd & LP pristine and sealed or autographed by PK . . . Neat-o!
** Trivia Contest Entries must be received by October 31, 2015 - Midnight Pacific Time.  Contest is Open to Everyone - including former band members and folks involved in the album production and Cd reissue!  If more than one correct answer is received a lottery drawing will determine the prize winner.  Prize Winner announced November 5, 2015.

Fall Forecast & Fun-d Drive! 

Hi-Ho!  Autumn is upon us . . . Here's the scoop on what's coming up for the PNW's Favorite Bluesman PK Dwyer . . .

Final Hours!  Last chance for the Free Hollywood Dick Doll Revue music downloads Post Orifice* and The Bottom Line.  Don't miss out on your chance to archive your own piece of Fast Folk and NYC Music History!  [*some folks might find the song Post Orifice offensive please listen and download at your own discretion]

It's Rocktober! and time for the Jitters Trivia Contest! Question & Prize Info posted later today.  Free Jitters music downloads will also be posted today . . .   Limited Edition Jitters Stickers are available now! . . .  Are you Stuck on The Jitters

Last Farmers Markets of the Season:  Find PK Dwyer & His Mighty Blues at these super-fine Washington State Farmers Markets . . .

Today!  Thursday, October 1st @ Lake City Farmers Market [Seattle] 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Saturday, October 3rd @ Bow Little Harvest Festival  [Burlington] 12:30 - 2:30 pm 

FUN-d Raiser for New PK Dwyer Blues Cd starts October 3rd! . . . details at the top of the Home page . . .

Thursday, October 8th @ Queen Anne Farmers Market  [Seattle] 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Friday, October 9th @ Port Susan Farmers Market [Stanwood] 3:15 - 6:00 pm

Saturday, October 10th @ Magnolia Farmers Market [Seattle] 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 

Saturday, October 17th @ Proctor Farmers Market [Tacoma] 9:00 - 11:00 am

Saturday, October 24 @ Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market [Des Moines] 10:00 am - Noon

Saturday, November 14 @ Beau Lodge Holiday Market  [Bow] 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Saturday, November 28 @ Proctor Farmers Market [Tacoma] Noon - 2:00 pm

In the Recording Studio!  PK lays down tracks for his New Blues Release on November 3rd and November 4th @ Garey Shelton Productions - Yeehaw!
[hopefully, the New PK Dwyer Blues album will be released by King Pin Head Music in February 2016 - fingers crossed!]

Find PK!  Does PK Dwyer sit home and lollygag now that Summer is gone and his scheduled events are winding down? No. No. And No! . . . 
You'll find PK out there Busking his Mighty Blues 6 days a week!  If you are at the Seattle Pike Place Market  look for PK busking in front of the Pear Deli & Shoppe, Starbucks, and the spot known as 'The Bridge'.  This Fall PK will periodically be taking his Blues up North to the Mt Vernon Food Co-Op, and down South to the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

Be Kind.  If you come across Ol' Busker PK and his music moves you, show him some Love and Tip him Hearty!