PK Dwyer 2016 Blues Release

Released June 1, 2016
King Pin Head Music

Busker Do is a twenty-one minute acoustic powerhouse featuring ten original blues, folk and roots tunes written and performed by PK Dwyer.  The album was recorded in live single takes and barely mixed at Garey Shelton Productions.  The end result is a neat little concept album and an illuminating glimpse inside the Buskers Life and into the current mindset of PK Dwyer.  PK's harmonica honks, hoots and trills.  The flat picking and finger picking guitar work is very fine. This album is not slick [although the angry Get Along Well does have a reverb effect].  It is raw and rollicking. The recordings one song featuring slide guitar - Highway 99 - is an ode to the road much traveled upon and a commentary on PK Dwyer's daily life.  Album cover art:  Etchings by Ethan Lind.  Etchings are of PK Dwyer busking performances at Seattle Pike Place Market.

Find PK Busking or at one of his Scheduled Events and score a copy of Busker Do for just Ten Bucks! [$10]

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Autumn Busking & Blues

Although Summer is winding down PK Dwyer still has many Farmers Markets and Special Events scheduled throughout Fall.  Here are just some of the places you can find Mighty PK Busking his Blues . . .

Saturday, September 17 @ 9:00 am
2702 N Proctor Street
Tacoma, Washington

Thursday, September 22 @ 5:00 pm
Queen Anne Avenue N & W Crockett Street
Seattle, Washington

Friday, September 23 @ 6:00 pm
Iron Horse Brewery
412 N Main Street
Ellensburg, Washington

Saturday, September 24 @ 10:00 am
Downtown E'burg, Washington

PK Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music crew will be walking the Parade route @ 10:00 am handing out Buskers Rule and Buskers are Beautiful stickers!  PK performs at the Festival near the Ellensburg Floral Center @ 11:00 am.  Be There!

Friday, September 30 @ 4:30 pm
8727 271st NW
Stanwood, Washington

Remember Folks:  When PK doesn't have a scheduled event you'll most often find him busking at the Seattle Pike Place Market or at Historic 5-Corners in beautiful B-Town between Traders Joe's and Khan's Mongolian Grill . . .  Have You Tipped a Busker today?

Musings & News . . .

Coming Attraction 

Hi-Ho Folks!  We are so stoked!  Later in September PK Dwyer will be sitting down for an in depth interview with Folklandia editor Deenie Johnson.  The article / interview will be posted here on the PK Dwyer website when complete as a Special Folklandia on-line Feature.  Stay Tuned . . .
artwork courtesy R Jones @ Folklandia

Quote of the Moment

I mean . . . the genuine roots of culture is folk music.
John Lydon

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2016 events


Ellensburg Fall Fest: Buskers in the Burg

Downtown E'burg, Ellensburg

Parade starts @ 10:00 am and the King Pin Head Music crew will be there handing out BUSKERS RULE and BUSKERS ARE BEAUTIFUL stickers. Get one! PK Dwyer plays @ 11:00 am. Show the Buskers some Love today folks & Tip 'em Hearty!


Port Susan Farmers Market

8727 271st NW, Stanwood

Blues among the Blackbirds


Port Susan Farmers Market

8727 271st NW, Stanwood

Blues among the Blackbirds


Behind the Table

Market Economy Atrium Building, Pike Place Market, Seattle

Silent Auction: 5 - 7 pm in the Atrium Loft and Lice Auction, Dinner, and Entertainment: 7 - 10 pm in the Atrium Kitchen . . . Proceeds from this event directly benefit The Market Community Safety Net. PK performs at 6:30. Go!