Eastern Washington Fall Mini Tour

PK Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music crew are packing up the bus for the final road trip and tour of 2016!  Here is where you'll find Mighty PK and his Super Fine Blues

Friday, November 11 @ 11:00 am
3 North Worthen Street
Wenatchee, Washington

Saturday, November 12 @ around the Noon hour
Weather Permitting PK Dwyer will be Busking his Blues Downtown
[?] Mystery Location.  Keep your Ears & Eyes Open Folks!

Sunday, November 13 @ 3:30 pm 
Spokane Community College
1810 N Greene Street
Spokane, Washington
♥ PK performs in the Sasquatch Room ♥

Tour sponsored by King Pin Head Music in conjunction with de Jimmy! Artist Trust

Farmers Markets & Special Events

Hi-Ho!  2016 is winding down and PK Dwyer's final Scheduled Events of the year are up on the docket.  Enjoy the abundant bounty of the Fall Harvest and gear up for the Holiday Season by treating your ears to a Live Performance of PK's Super Fine & Original Acoustic Jump Blues! You can score Free Stickers  wherever you find PK performing and pick up a copy of Mighty PK's acclaimed 2016 Blues release Busker Do for just 10 bucks! 

Remember Folks:  When PK doesn't have a scheduled event you will most often finding him Busking his Blues at the Seattle Pike Place Market or various locations in Historic Burien.  PK and the King Pin Head Music crew will also be making periodic forays Northward for some drop in Busking at the Mt Vernon Food Co-op and the Bellingham Winter Farmers Market.  Hug a Farmer!  Tip a Busker!

Saturday, November 5 @ 9:00 am
2702 N Proctor Street
Tacoma, Washington

Saturday, November 26 @ 9:00 am
2702 N Proctor Street
Tacoma, Washington 
Small Business Saturday.  Shop Small and Support your Local Artisans today!

SPECIAL EVENTS:  PK Dwyer performing in concert

URBAN TIMBER: coffee - microbrew - wine bar
Saturday, November 19 @ 7:00 pm
6621 166th Avenue East   
Sumner, Washington

Friday, December 2 @ 8:00 pm
8062 Railroad Avenue
Snoqualmie, Washington 

These are Tip Jar Shows.  Show Ol' PK and the Arts some Love & Please Tip Hearty!

Quote of the Moment

My guitar was loud as hell, and I had no sympathy for anybody else.
Brownie McGhee

Musings & News . . .

Taking it to the Market since 1972 

PK Dwyer has been performing his original music and song at the Seattle Pike Place Market since 1972 and you'll find PK busking his Sidewalk Hipster Blues at the Market in "real time" 2016.  During Fall and Winter Busking months look and listen for Mighty PK at the Pike Place Market 3 - 6 days per week.  He often performs in front of Starbucks or the Pear Deli & Shoppe.  Rainy weather?  You won't find PK loafing indoors!  He'll be performing at the Burien 5-Corners staging area between our own local Trader Joe's and the wonderful Khan's Mongolian Grill.  Sunny winter day?  You might find PK belting out the blues at the Mt Vernon Food Co-op or hobnobbing east side at Bellevue College.  Show a Busker some Love today and Tip Hearty! 

Photographs: PK Dwyer & Co. making music at the Pike Place Market in 1973
© James McFarlane  please use only with permissions
pictured left to right:  Ralph Tourigny - Bruce Buckner - Greg Korkowski
PK Dwyer - Donna Beck - Lou Hevly

pictured left to right:  Bruce Buckner - Greg Korkowski - PK Dwyer - Donna Beck


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2016 events


Pybus Public Market

3 N Worthen Street, Wenatchee

PK Dwyer: Blues Busker Extraordinaire ♥ Show Ol' PK some Love & Tip Hearty Folks!


Urban Timber: coffee microbrew and wine bar

6621 166th Avenue E, Sumner

PK and his Mighty Blues go indoors for a rare "in concert" appearance


Black Dog Arts Cafe

8062 Railroad Avenue , Snoqualmie

PK Dwyer is back at the Black Dog by popular demand for a a rare indoor appearance!


Mt Vernon Tulip Festival Street Fair

 —  —

Downtown, Mt Vernon

Sidewalk Hipster Blues

  • tentative

Dinkytown Tour

 —  —

Washington to Minnesota

PK Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music crew are making a pilgrimage tour to Dinkytown!

PK will be Busking his Blues at various Farmers Markets, select Small venues and random Street Corners & Fairs in Washington - Idaho - Montana - North Dakota - South Dakota and Minnesota

  • tour is in planning stage with dates subject to change

Tumbleweed Acoustic Music Festival

 —  —

Howard Amon Park, Richland

21st Annual Tumbleweed

  • tentative