New PK Dwyer Blues Album

Busker Do is a twenty-one minute acoustic powerhouse featuring ten original blues, folk and roots tunes written and performed by PK Dwyer.  The album was recorded in live single takes and barely mixed at Garey Shelton Productions.  The end result is a neat little concept album and an illuminating glimpse inside the Buskers Life and into the current mindset of PK Dwyer.  PK's harmonica honks, hoots and trills.  The flat picking and finger picking guitar work is very fine. This album is not slick [although the angry Get Along Well does have a reverb effect].  It is raw and rollicking. The recordings one song featuring slide guitar - Highway 99 - is an ode to the road much traveled upon and a commentary on PK Dwyer's daily life.  Album cover art:  Etchings by Ethan Lind.  Etchings are of PK Dwyer busking performances at Seattle Pike Place Market.

Find PK Busking or at one of his Scheduled Events and score a copy of Busker Do for just Ten Bucks! [$10]

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Released June 1, 2016.  Presented by King Pin Head Music.

Summer Trivia Q & A

Hi-Ho Folks! The King Pin Head Music Summer Trivia Contest ended August 18, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time and this year we stumped you all!  There were no correct answers submitted for either question and therefore No Winner[s].  Answers are posted in italics below.  Thanks to All who entered and Better Luck next year!

Name That Tune:
The song Highway 99 from the new PK Dwyer album Busker Do features several in-jokes relating to PK's every-day-life and a nod to a lesser known Tim Buckley song . . . Name the Tim Buckley tune and win a Cd copy of Busker Do.  Score!

Correct Answer: Hong Kong Bar from the 1972 album Greetings From LA  [written by: Tim Buckley and Joe Falsia]

Bonus Round:
Where does the inspiration for the album title Busker Do come from and who thought of it?  Answer correctly and win the complete PK Dwyer Blues catalog on Compact Disc.  Super Score! [albums include: Up to My Balls in the Blues - Blues Guy Now - Healed - Rough Shod and Busker Do]

Correct Answer: The album title Busker Do is a play-on-words off the 1979 Minneapolis, Minnesota DIY punk band Hüsker Dü and was thought of by Carol Dwyer  [the band got the name Hüsker Dü -- meaning Do You Remember? in Danish and Norwegian -- from a popular 1970s memory board game]   

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Summer Lovin' 

Cool cutie-pie at the West Seattle Farmers Market sporting a Sidewalk Hipster Blues sticker on her summer get-around car.  Love!  Meet up with PK Dwyer at one of his upcoming scheduled events or find him busking at the Seattle Pike Place Market and get a sticker for yourself.  They're Free and you'll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood!  All six of our neat-o sticker designs are also available by mail.  Please visit the Happening page for details. ♥ Due to the start of the 2016 NFL season you won't find PK Dwyer dropping in to busk as often at the West Seattle Farmers Market on Sundays. This Sunday -- August 28th -- will be PK's last WSFM appearance for awhile folks.  Go Hawks!

Catch a performance of PK's Mighty Blues and pick up a copy of his Summer Blues Cd release Busker Do at one of these upcoming scheduled Farmers Markets . . .

Thursday, August 25 @ 4:00 pm
NE 125th & NE 28th
Seattle, Washington

Friday, August 26 @ 4:30 pm
8727 271st Street NW
Stanwood, Washington

Saturday, August 27 @ 10:00 am
15300 Westminster Way N
Shoreline, Washington

PK Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music crew will head East to participate and perform at the inaugural season of the Anjou Bakery's Summer Busking Program and the 20th Annual Tumbleweed Acoustic Music Festival . . .

Thursday, September 1 @ Noon and Friday, September 2 @ 9:00 am
3898 Old Monitor Highway
Cashmere, Washington

Sunday, September 4 @ 12:30 pm North Stage
Howard Amon Park
Richland, Washington

♥ PK and the King Pin Head Music crew will be roaming the Tumbleweed Festival grounds on Labor Day weekend handing out Cool as Folk and Folk Someone You Love stickers!  Look for us on Friday night [prior to The Stormcloaks performance @ 6:00 pm]  And all day on Saturday . . .  Be There!

Quote of the Moment

The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.
Lord Byron

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2016 events


Traveling & Busking Highway 2

Sidewalk Hipster Blues . . . a Folk Washington! tour event


Anjou Bakery

3898 Old Monitor Highway, Cashmere

Homemade Bread and Homegrown Blues. A Busk Washington! event. Special Thanks to Anjou Bakery and Kevin Knight . . .


Anjou Bakery

3898 Old Monitor Highway, Cashmere

Homemade Bread & Homegrown Blues. A Busk Washington! event. Special Thanks to Anjou Bakery and Kevin Knight . . .


Tumbleweed Music Festival

Howard Amon Park, Richland

20th Annual Tumbleweed! PK is performing on the North Stage Sunday